Tips on Crafting Your PhD Thesis

Jan 28, 2021 Uncategorized

The task of putting together your doctoral thesis can be a daunting task for students if they did not have what it takes to achieve success through the path of least resistance. It is possible to score the best grades if you know the right buttons to press in the process of putting together your thesis.

We shall take a look at the best approach to adopt when writing your thesis which will make the process easy without watering down the quality of your final paper.

Structure and length of time taken

You are expected to follow the guideline given by your supervisor. If you are not given any; it is advised that you take to the standard of the school. Look at an older thesis that has been done previously in the school and make a bold attempt to put something similar to that together. The length of the thesis will be determined by the instructions of your supervisor or what obtains in your department as the case may be.

How did you get help?

There are several ways to get help, but the best will come only through practical help. If you are lucky to have a supervisor that is willing to help, he or she will be your best buddy. You will be taken along by hand from one chapter to the other. 

Another way of getting practical help will come through the alumni of your department. They have seen it before and their practical experiences will come in handy and useful to you. Help can also come through your committee members. When you send the draft of each chapter and method to your committee of friends; you are going to achieve the best in terms of results.

How did you measure up with time?

Time is always a factor that must be handled carefully if you are to finish the thesis according to schedule. There is a sense in the scale of presence according to the economist and if you adopt this style, it will be of useful help to you. Devote your weekends to your thesis by cutting off all the schedules that you have at the weekend. This will create more time, particularly in the final six months to conclude the thesis on time.

Stop the majority of your fieldwork when it is about a year to the deadline of submission of your thesis report. Taking a few days off the lab and devoting it to only writing will be of help at the end of the day. We are not advocating a system that will drive you hard; there should be breaks in-between to relieve the tension. On weekends that you have devoted to pure writing, make sure you create room for slight fun in-between.

The emotional aspect of thesis writing

Practice makes perfect. It will not be easy at the start of the journey. But as you get used to writing, the emotional stability that mattered will set in. Start with the easy tasks and progress to the more difficult ones. You must maintain a good work balance if your dreams of excelling in writing the thesis are to be achieved. There will be challenges along the line; you have to keep in mind that every little step takes you closer to the results that will make you proud.

Time is a factor

It is strongly advised that you start early. This will be to your advantage. There is no spare time to play around with. When you start early and finish ahead of schedule; it will give room for thorough revisions. This will create time to fix all the errors that might come up and end up giving you a paper that will be error-free. You are going to be proud of the results of your effort if you finish well ahead of schedule.

Final thought

The tips above are practical ways to achieve lasting success in your thesis paper. The process becomes emotionally easy if you follow the right path.

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