How To Write A Thesis Proposal

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Before the delivery of a great thesis comes the thesis proposal. The foundation for success in a thesis lies in the handling of the thesis proposal. What is involved in wiring a terrific proposal? You are about to read all the details involved in executing the task. It requires a clear vision of the final destination. You need a quality research and a proper preparation to put together a super thesis proposal. However, you can rely on Dissertation Team professionals in case you don’t feel like writing a thesis proposal on your own.

Title page

This is the page that contains basic information about the author of the thesis. It is the place for the title of the thesis.


This is where you are expected to give a summary of the thesis. It contains the hook sentence of the project. The word length should not be fewer than 200 words

Table of content

You are expected to provide smooth navigation throughput for the thesis. The foundation for this will be laid through a list of headings and subheadings. Numbers are provided for each of them. It will enable easy access to any of the contents in the thesis.


The introduction should be impressive. The first impression lasts long; you are expected to introduce your topic here in a way that will encourage your readers to read through the entire length of your work. If you can gain the attention of the readers here; your thesis will go all the way to make the desired impact.

Key questions

The main questions that you are trying to answer in your thesis should be included here. Here, focus and direction for the whole study should be provided through the questions.

Literature review

Here, you are expected to give brief but precise information on the sources that you intended to use in the thesis. Their significance as well as the current knowledge base that you have at your disposal is explained under the literature review.


The descriptions of the way you have chosen to address answers to the key questions are disclosed under this heading. There are several of putting things right under this heading. It could be any of theoretical approaches, analytical frameworks, philosophies…… The choice is left to individual students.


The expected results and relevance of the thesis are explained here. The methods used to validate the thesis are also explained here. The thesis proposal summary is well stated here. You are expected to finish powerfully here. Just like with the hook sentence; there should be a call to action in the conclusion.


A reference list of all the works of authors used in the thesis is included here. It should follow a particular style that is allowed by the department. It is important to list all sources to avoid issues that bother on plagiarism.

Final thoughts

We have made a bold attempt to deliver everything that is needed to have a smooth sail in the delivery of your thesis. A clear and well-ordered thesis proposal will serve as the foundation that is required to get high grades at the end of your thesis.

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